We will use several software packages during the semester. Many of them are free, or have trial/beta versions available for free which can be downloaded form these links:

Primary 3D Modeling software

  • Rhino for PC - Free trial, limited to 25 saves. After that still works but cannot save.
  • Rhino for Mac - 
  • OnShape - Very compelling new browse-based parametric modeling system. Works on PC, Mac, IOS, and Android

Primary Slicing Software (for Open Source 3D printers)

Other good open-source slicing software:

  • Slic3r - free, open-source, high quality

Additional Software (May or may not be demonstrated in class)

  • Mudbox - Free for 3 years via Autodesk University program. Will need to setup an Autodesk account.
  • MeshMixer - Experimental, free, and hopefully useful.
  • Sculptris - Free modeling tool, essentially a simple version of Z-Brush, which is similar to Mudbox
  • Pepakura Designer - used for folding/unfolding models, viewer is free.
  • 123D Catch (create 3D scans using your phone or camera) free.
  • 123D Make free digital fabrication tools.
  • Makerware (prepares files for 3D printing with the Makerbot) free.

Open Source Alternatives (absolutely free, but occasionally difficult to master)

  • Blender (3D modeling & animation)
  • OpenSCAD (open source 3D modeler - text/code based) 
  • MeshLab (tool for repairing / altering meshes)
  • Inkscape - Free open source vector drawing & tracing tool (similar to Illustrator)

Web Based Modeling and Fabrication Apps