The Human Body is the subject of this project. The objects, installations, or images created for this project should be inherently linked to some experience of bodily form. Of course one approach could involve portraiture or a depiction of a realistic body in space. Another approach could involve distorting the human figure, looking at the work of artists such as Richard DuPont, who manipulates his own self portraits using a variety of digital and more traditional tools.

Another approach might involve a garment, or covering, a skin, or a series of objects to be worn. Examples from the world of fashion & design might inspire working in this direction. Clothing and accessories could be re-invented using digital processes.

You might think of an abstract or metaphorical way of touching on notions of the body. An example such as Kiki Smith’s “Skin”, Urs Fischer’s “Fingerprints” or Anish Kapoor’s work in concrete could serve as a guide. In all of these examples we don’t see a figure we can identify, but we instead see forms and surfaces that suggest the presence, absence, or residue of the body in space.

We’ll work on this right until our Exhibition, April 25