Digital Hand Project 2

“Rebooting Revivals” 

This project is about looking back in time and looking forward. Re-mixing styles and forms of the past with our present or an imagined future. 

We'll begin by reading excerpts from "Abstracting Craft: The Practiced Digital Hand" by Malcolm McCullough. In this writing, from 1996, the author talks about the relationship between Craft and Digital Design. He talks about the advantages of hand work vs. Digital work, and areas where in the future the two might meet. I'm asking all of us to mark up this handout, underline things you agree with or disagree with, write thoughts in the margins, think about how this article might describe the present if it was written today and how it might sound if it was written 18 years from now in 2032. (Our class takes it's title from this essay)

We'll look at slides as well: slides for project 2 ( )

The slides focus on artists & designers who are using digital fabrication to revisit the past by choosing to work with historic artifacts, re-imagine found objects, and filter their projects through ancient processes.

I ask you to do the same: begin with an idea of a time period, antique or vintage object(s), revisit a stylistic approach we might recognize as being dated or "period", or manipulate a found object with your present day concerns. The slides suggest the many ways this project could unfold, and there is no "right" way to approach the project. 

My hope is that in this project everyone is dealing with objects (or installation) in space. So we are deliberately pushing ourselves to move from 2 dimensions to 3. At the outset (between today and next Tuesday) I want you to think about your project without a lot of concern for how it gets made, so even far-fetched project ideas should be on the table. A week from now we'll have a quick review/discussion of your ideas before moving into a production phase. 

The slides I put together include numerous projects which required many individuals, intense machinery, a great deal of money, & time to create. I'd like for us to be just as ambitious in our work. Therefore, I'm open to collaborative projects, and projects that may result in a maquette or scaled down version of the ultimate project. If you want to move in those directions, lets discuss it.


  • Wednesday 2/3 - Project Intro
  • Monday 2/8 - Work Day + Rhino Tutorials
  • Wednesday 2/10 - Critique, Project 1 
  • Monday 2/15 -  Design Review and Rhino Tutorials
  • Wednesday 2/17 - Work Day
  • Monday 2/22 - Work Day
  • Wednesday 2/24 - Critique, Project 2

*Title is borrowed from a section of the Exhibition "Out of Hand: Materializing the Postdigital" which took place at the Museum of Art & Design, NY.