Digital Hand Project 2

Modeling Nature & New Geometries*

***Images of completed projects and comments can be found here: Project 2 Comments & Feedback

In this project we will become familiar with the laser cutter & pen plotters and use them as tools in the process of generating two dimensional drawings, cutouts, and/or stencils. The title is drawn from two subject headings from the "Out of Hand" Exhibition, and suggests two approaches to these drawings. The first, Modeling Nature, begins with the natural world & natural systems as a starting point, with an emphasis on organic form which might suggest something like an art deco pattern or a specimen under a microscope.

The second approach, New Geometries, refers to the built environment & to mathematical geometry. This approach might lean toward repeating pattern, grids, Architecture & Ornamentation.

We will begin by drawing and move on to cutting & plotting, be careful to consider what is going to be kept and what is going to be removed in your drawings. 

As a reference and inspiration, I've put together 20 images which include student work and work by established artists and designers. The works in the slide show suggest possible directions in which to take this project. Keep in mind we are conceiving this project as a 2 Dimensional drawing or perhaps a bas-relief. We will explore 3 dimensional volumes and free standing sculptures in the next project.



  • Thursday 1/23, Tuesday 1/28 - Project Intro & Laser Cutter Demonstration with Jamie Heilman
  • Thursday 1/30 - Discuss Materials and Experimentation, Pen Plotter Demo
  • Thursday 2/6 - Critique & documentation
  • Tuesday 2/11 - documentation and comments posted to blogs

*Title is borrowed from a section of the Exhibition "Out of Hand: Materializing the Postdigital" at the Museum of Art & Design, NY.