Project 1.5: Enable Cookies

***The Recipe Tom used is here (Thanks Shannon!): . The cream cheese keeps the cookies from becoming blobby during cooking. Chilling the dough makes it much easier to work with when cutting the cookies. 

This is a really quick project. Despite this, it will pay tasty dividends throughout the semester if executed properly.

I want to make sure everyone learns to draw very well in 2 dimensions in the Rhino 3D modeling software. In the digital realm, as in the real world - good Art & Design projects share an underpinning of good drawing.

For this project we’ll play around with drawing freehand, tracing scanned images or found photos, working with “readymade” 3D shapes and text objects, and how all of those things can be combined.

We’ll treat the program like a sketchbook and work through several ideas. After making drawings for awhile we’ll choose one “best” drawing (that is not too complex) and learn how to extrude our drawn shapes into 3D model of a cookie cutter. We’ll learn how to use the 3D printer as each of us prints out a functional cookie cutter.

Finally, we’ll make a list of people in the class and look at our class calendar. Each day of class one of us will make and bring in 2 dozen cookies using your cookie cutter. This will ensure that each day everyone who arrives on time to class will enjoy a lovely cookie. At the end of the semester, when we have our exhibition, we will serve these eccentric snacks to visitors at the gallery.

We will critique and grade & document our cookies throughout the semester.

A few downloadable Rhino reference models of Tom's can be found here: Cloud Cookie ,  Kiln Cookie


1/27 - Project Intro

2/3 - 3D printing demo + blog post with design & text

2/5 - Tom brings his cookies for the class

Rest of semester - each student signs up for a particular class and brings cookies for us all. Signup sheet can be found here: