I will make all efforts to cover our 3D printing costs from the course budget. However there may be times when you need to print in very large amounts or perhaps you want to print in a specialty color we will not stock. Please Note: We use PLA plastic filament in the 1.75mm  size. We are not able to print ABS plastic filament. If you would like to experiment with other materials please consult me first to discuss.

There are many suppliers out there, not all are equal. I recommend these:

  • ColorFabb PLA via Printed Solid - This supplier carries ColorFabb brand filament from the Netherlands, which is the nicest filament I've used thus far, and with the best range of colors. ColorFabb costs more than most other filaments unfortunately, but it's worth it. 
  • Hatchbox via Amazon.com - Very inexpensive and seemingly good quality filament from China
  • Lulzbot - This Colorado based company made our large printer, and supplies a wide range of quality filament at good prices.
  • Matterhackers - less expensive, but with fewer color choices - I'd recommend Matterhackers Pro Series PLA in the 3mm size. Please do not purchase the less expensive filament not labeled "Pro Series", it is less reliable and more brittle in our experience.