This Project, our first, will introduce us to the Laser Cutter as a remarkably versatile studio tool for 2 and 3 dimensional work. This project will also introduce us to Rhino's drawing tools. 

You might choose to develop a 2 dimensional drawing, a cut paper composition, a stencil, a wood-burned image, or even a freestanding sculpture or manipulated textile.

As a reference and inspiration, I've put together 30 images which include student work and work by established artists and designers. The works in the slide show suggest possible directions in which to take this project. You'll note the remarkable variety in approaches to this tool. My hope is that we will produce a similarly diverse group of work.

Slides can be viewed here


  • Project Intro and Slides - January 15
  • Laser Cutter tutorial with Jamie Heilman - January 20
  • Studio work & tutorials - January 22
  • Discuss critique date and one-on-one meetings with Tom - January 27
  • Critique TBD